About Sprinkool Systems Int'l, Inc.

Sprinkool Systems, Inc. was incorporated in Texas in 1981, relocated and incorporated in Alabama in 1989, and became Sprinkool Systems International, Inc., in 1994. The company manufactures and markets the Sprinkool System, an innovative roof mist cooling system which offers customers an inexpensive and environmentally responsible alternative to mechanical air conditioning to cool schools, warehouses, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, truck bays and residences.
Presently, Sprinkool Systems International, Inc., of Killen, Alabama owns all patent rights in the USA and overseas for the Sprinkool system. It is the only company authorized to engineer, manufacture, and distribute for installation the official Sprinkool system throughout the world.

Our Products:

Our products have been specifically designed and manufactured for the harsh environments that occur on roofs.  Through the many years of installations, our components have also been designed to dramatically reduce installation time. 

Check out our product gallery:

FR-2000 Sprayhead

 FR2000FR2000 SprayFR2000MR
S4200 S4100 FR2000 EoLine 2-inchDS
Fieldline on Ply S4210 Conduit Clamps 2  Field Cross with EMT conduit
S4210 and Insert S4210-5 Conduit clamps


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